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Z’NG celebrated its very first anniversary by organizing a tea party cum mini shoe gallery displaying the different designs from their SS14 collection that will be rolled out in months to come. The guests had the chance to be up close & personal with each design and carefully inspected every possible aspect of the shoes.

Founder Jon Wong highlighted to the guests the amazing milestones Z’NG has achieved within one short year and announced that the brand has launched the highly anticipated snake-inspired series from the collection just so that customers could get them on before Christmas and the auspicious New Year






The inspiration behind this collection is “animalistic” and the designs literally portray different animals, most in subtle way making the shoes very wearable & practical. Among the animals that were chosen as inspirations behind the collection were the Albino Boa, Colobus Monkey, Tarantula Spider, and the Golden Eagle. Each of these animals is absolutely majestic in their own leagues and Jon wanted to translate that energy into his designs

Here’s a look at the entire SS14 Collection:







Can you identify which animal inspired which design? *winks*


Our favourite are the white wedges inspired by the Colobus Monkey, comfortable to wear yet giving us the height boost to make us stand in style! We’re definitely going to score ourselves a pair of these when they’re launched! What’s your choice of animal inspired kicks for 2014?

Find out more about Z’NG Collections on their website

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