#weirdfriends: The Black and White Collection

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Have you ever paused for a while and think about the weird, I mean, unique qualities that your close/best friends have? Well, you’re not the only one with #weirdfriends and Black Milk Project has launched a new collection just for this!

#weirdfriends: the black and white collection

Check out the quaint yet strangely familiar characteristics that you find in your friends. Or better yet, are these characters a representative of your eccentric personality? *winks*

L:  Luvi, and Pokeymeow, the annoying black cat | R:  Adric, the boy with a cactus on his head

L: Pinko, the rockstar with a jar of fingers | R: Minka, the girl who couldn’t sleep


L: Edna, and her cloudy rain stick | R: Shelby, the girl who hides behind her hair

Find out more about the characters here and read on to find out on how you can save on your purchases and shipping fees!

promotion highlights:

• Enjoy pre-order promo price  from 14th – 21st September only – the more you buy, the more you save!
• Like Black Milk Project in FB ( & share the #weirdfriends album to your wall to receive FREE postage
Take this opportunity to make your purchases and enjoy those savings already! #weirdfriends ftw!

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