Weekend, Here We Come!

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Pink Gumballs - RM7SPOTTED: Kinshuu

Pink gumballs – an interesting choice of name for this pair of earrings, ain’t it? And definitely a unique yet simple design that everyone can wear too. Nothing too OTT for a casual day and you can pull it off for events as well. How awesome is that?

White Owl - RM13.90SPOTTED: Shop Sholee

Owl lovers, looks like there are still new designs up for grabs to add on to your collection and this time, it comes in white. How awesome is that? All these and more, be sure to make them yours before it’s too late

Dream - RM60SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

Always excited to look forward to their updates especially when they bring in these awesome elegant pieces that are so affordable! Especially at this time of the year when we have so many parties, prom and events to attend – better own it before it all belongs to someone else

THIMBLE Gradient Ombre Skirt - RM129SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Still can’t get enough of the ombre goodies? Then you’d want a piece of this babes – gradient ombre skirt! Just pair it with something plain and simple to complete the outfit and don’t forget an awesome pair of shoes to go with it alright? *winks*

Issey Miyake Inspired Bag - RM50SPOTTED: Amour et Classic

As inspired by Issey Miyake, this bag can now be yours for only RM50! What an awesome price tag to pair with a bag like this one here eh? I know I’d want to own a piece for myself and am excited to see the rest of the goodies they are bringing in as well too. Hop on over to check ’em out, why don’t you?

Tassle Aztec - RM39SPOTTED: Peep

Aztec seems to be making an awesome comeback and you should totally take this opportunity to make it yours before you’re left behind with this trend alright. I’ve seen the skirts, dresses and now this top? Complete the collection before it’s too late!

Peplum Dress - RM55SPOTTED: Catch22

So excited that they have return with more new gorgeous designs in their latest collection and a black peplum dress like this one here? Oh yes, it’s a must-have for that classic look! Plus, it’s also ideal for both work and play which gives you all the more reason to own this piece!

Boohoo Aniyah Red Cutaway T Bar Wedges - RM315SPOTTED: Pink n Proper

Look at that bold color and that design for this pair of awesome wedges! I love it already and can totally imagine wearing it to places especially with that extra height boost that its going to give me *grins* What say you babes?

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