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Kërra Boutique: Charlotte Russe Inspired Bodycon skirt RM35SPOTTED: Kerra Boutique

Aztec inspired prints are a classic, they come and go and are timeless. Why not score a piece of bodycon skirt now that it’s available for a very affordable price? *winks* Grab it before it all belongs to someone else alright? woot!

Phoebe Toga Maxi Dress - RM119SPOTTED: Zoop Online

Now that we are nearing the end of the year, you got to have the party dresses ready! Maxi dresses are the preferred choice especially when they look as awesome as this one here. Grab your favourites for options, we wouldn’t want to be caught with nothing to wear when the time comes

Cosmic Galaxy - RM39SPOTTED: A Model Studio

More cosmic prints? Oh yeah! Especially on a bodycon skirt, it makes styling all the more easier, doesn’t it? They really are all the rage and I spotted so many in so many designs over the weekend. Were you one of them? Tee-hee

Liberty Dress - RM54SPOTTED: Liberty Dress

While we’ve always thought that black and white are the classic colours to own, don’t forget about the nude apparels too. Although it doesn’t work very well with all skin tones, but hey, if you style it right, then you got it covered *winks*

Mid Sleeve Side Bow Dress - RM49SPOTTED: Nude Not

A subtle bow on a dress and it looks great. Nothing too OTT that it’s too girly for every day wears, but there’s still that touch of that fun femininity there for us. So what say you? What colour shall it be? I personally like them all!

Gold Black Geometrical Triangle Necklace - RM20SPOTTED: Autumn Ripple

How many accessories do you own? Do you have a handful or a drawerful? *grins* But of course, one can never have enough with the different trends and designs! If you have yet to own a piece, better make your purchase before it’s too late because they’re all selling out quick

Clara Clutch - RM55SPOTTED: MultiColette

Love wild prints, much? Here you go! A great sizeable envelope clutch and it’s one with prints that are ever more as well too. I love it already, even more so when there’s so much I can fit in it. Tee-hee. What say you babes?

Metal Collar Necklace (Pre-order) - RM23SPOTTED: Axxezories

I see this everywhere and it comes in the best colour options too. They’re staples and imagine how they look against those LBDs you have eh? I know I would want them both. Can’t wait to see what other designs they have to offer us!

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