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YOU know it’s important to get eight hours of sleep a night, but sometimes it feels like all that time could better be spent doing, well, something. Fortunately, experts say you can multitask — you can get your rest and sneak in some beauty treatments at the same time.

Sleeping masks are the latest overnight skin care trend to come out of Asia. Not to be confused with the adorable eye mask we wear to bed, but a cream mask you apply over your regular moisturizer, and sleep in. You may already slather on a rich night cream, but now you can take it one step further with the new KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask! With this quick and easy trick, you’ll gorgeous by morning.


The high performance overnight cream mask consists of active ingredients that helps fight the most concerned significant signs like dull, uneven skin tone and dry skin. It tightens open pores and lightens acne scar for a more flawless face that you desire of. Your skin stay young and beautiful by its effective anti-wrinkle, skin firming and lifting functions.



The picture shown my skin is combination skin which can be really frustrating. The T-zone looks oily, greasy and it leads to the cause of blackheads and resulted in enlarged pores. While the rest looks dry and usually seems to have fine texture with dullness on the skin but on a closer look there may be some flaky or granulated sections particularly around the corners of the mouth, eyes, and cheeks. So I always have to adjust my skin care routine to balance out my combination skin effectively.


So, while I can’t change nature, the new KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask is the solution! The next day I woke up with a visible smoother and brighter skin complexion. Yeah, obviously my skin is not perfect (and I don’t ever expect it to be) but I was really impressed with how the dullness and flakes had faded a lot! The skin felt so hydrated that it helped ease the application of foundation and that really made my day! There is no doubt the famous blogger Janechuck and many Thailand celebrities are the big fans of the new KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask!



Now that you’ve read all about this amazing product, here’s your chance to try out the products for yourself thanks to My Beauty Casa. The goodies that are up for grabs include:


12th – 18th June

 2 bottles of 15ml KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask

10170724_281321605361969_4386296588010648735_n19th – 25th June

1 bottle of 60ml Super Virgin Olive Oil

There will be a total of 3 winners from this giveaway and all you need to do is head on over to our Facebook page now to find out how to participate. Best of luck and cheers to looking beautiful!

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