Velours Couture: Lunar Spring Collection

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Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away, have you got all your oriental-themed outfits yet?

Well, if you haven’t or are still looking out for more, Velours Couture is now have a Lunar Spring Collection sale! How timely is that? Here are some of our favourite selections:


Textures add a classy take to the outfit and these here are just in the right shades for Chinese New Year. Be it roses or waves, we love them both! They’ll be ideal for visiting friends and family over a lunch reunion


While we love the idea of short dresses, we cannot forget about the maxi dresses that would  be ideal for reunion dinners. Get all dolled up with a modern twist to it for the night instead. What more, they can be worn throughout the year as they’re great for all occasions

Apart from their sale, they’ve also got great oriental designs in their latest collections. Our favourites are:


Simple and sweet, paired with lace and explore different colour palettes this festive season. It’s a little unconventional but we like to think that experimenting with different styles is always a good idea and what better time than now, where we have the opportunity to dress up!

Liking what you see? There are so much more that they have to offer from where these came from. Be sure to check out Velours Couture for more wardrobe options

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