Valentine’s Day Manicures

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It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Have you prepared your outfit yet? It ain’t complete if your nails aren’t part of it too. Here are our top 5 Valentine’s Day manicure inspirations for that romantic candlelight dinner with your special someone:

Manicure #1 – Combination of red, pink, white and not to forget sparkles! Resulting in a lovely manicure that stands out

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Manicure #2 – Go ombre with a slightly darker shade of glitter on top of the base colour. Simple and does the trick

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Manicure #3 – Go ombre with pink and white, add a tad bit of fairy dust and a twist to the direction of the ombre along with a little heart to complete the set

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Manicure #4 – Candy stripes never gets old, especially in the pink and white combo that always look sweet

Pinned ImageManicure #5 – Have a go at a French manicure by only colouring the tips. Adding a heart or a ribbon to it just makes it all the more perfect for this season!

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Share with us your Valentine’s special manicures too!

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