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Love Corset - RM68SPOTTED: Chic Valley

A corset is always something that we should have in handy for nights where we want to be all out le femme fatale *winks* And this one here is one of the many options that they have to offer. Very nice colour and a great silhouette. Hop on over to check out the corsets right now, before they all belong to someone else

Tulip Skirt - RM49SPOTTED: Room 8008

While high waisted skirts are awesome for that sexy look, whether for work or play, why not top it off by something like a tulip skirt? Sure does gives it that extra edge to the outfit and especially when it comes in white! I love this one here already, what about you?

Bird print button shirt - RM25SPOTTED: Tanks for 5

With everyone wearing something with our favourite feathered friend prints on tops, dresses and the likes, here’s yet another one for you and going for a great price of RM25 per piece! What a smashing steal and you’d be silly not to to grab yourself a piece of this goodness

Toga Skater - RM65SPOTTED: Peep

My favourite kind of dresses all in one – a great hybrid between a toga and a skater dress and not to forget the awesome colour combo that they have going on there as well too. This is definitely not something we see often, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity *grins*

ALEXA Peter Pan Contrast Collar Blouse - RM47SPOTTED: Whitesoot

While we are going crazy with bib necklaces to complement our outfits but why not take a step back and look at contrasting coloured collars as part of the outfit? They fit great, we don’t have to worry about styling it and we have more time to focus on the other elements of our outfit *grins* Plus, it works great as a basic top to style upon too!

Ponte Knit Blazer - RM143SPOTTED: West Fashion

With styling, one should always consider a blazer for that street smart look and it gets even better when the blazer comes in a dark shade other than the usual black or blue or grey. I think this maroon definitely does its justice and would be so much fun to style with. What say you?

Blake Dress - RM87SPOTTED: Iveri’s Online Store

If you’re out for an eye-catching colour combo, then this is a dress that you should consider with the contrasting colours going on there. It’s fun yet without going OTT with the design. Totally my kind of dress *grins* I think I’m gonna get myself a piece!

SUMMER 92 - RM75SPOTTED: Summer 92

Ombre shorts? Oh yes, especially in purple and check out the studded goodness on this pair! Rocker chic much? I sure do think so and it totally changes the idea of yet another pair of denim shorts, doesn’t it? Woot! Score a pair before it’s too late babes!

Feather D├ęcor Hoop Necklace - RM25SPOTTED: Sparkles Fly in the Sky

And check out this awesome new necklace style – hoop with feathers! Just when you thought feather earrings were all the rage, it seems like it ain’t stopping at just that! They look pretty awesome albeit the simplicity of it, no? Especially when they come in bright eye-popping colours too! I love it!

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