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COVETZ Hi Lo Crochet Dress - RM99SPOTTED: Covetz

Let’s check out more high low dresses and this time, with crochet to match as well! Definitely a more girly touch to the latest trend round town, no? Check it out, make it yours before it all belongs to some one else!

Miss Vintage - RM43SPOTTED: Anna Syue

Doesn’t this look familiar? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them around many top brand sites and now we can get our very own available in 3 different colours for a better price. I’m torn between the colour options and I feel like getting ’em all *grins* What about you?

Ruffled Chiffon Cardi - RM49SPOTTED: White Circus

Hoodie or cardi or blazer? Or why not try something different like a ruffled chiffon cardi? Simple, lightweight, easy to carry around and definitely versatile to style too! There’s also some with polka dots on ’em which are uber chic. Check it out for yourself babes

Polka Dot Top - RM39SPOTTED: A Spoonful of Clothes

Speaking of polka dots, I just came across a polka-dotted top *winks* How adorable is that? This is the classic colour combo but there are 2 more colour options for this piece so be sure to have a look before you make your decision because they’re just as awesome!

Oriel - RM50SPOTTED: Clothes For Fun

Now that the weather is migraine-inducing and not a cloudy day in sight, it’s time to dress casual and stylishly for the hot climate! And I think this top here is an amazing choice to pair with low slung jeans, high waisted denim shorts and so much more. Style away ladies!

Puffy C - RM62SPOTTED: Lovca

There are days where we just need some fun prints on our dresses and I think cherries are just perfect for the part *winks* Plus, check out the puffy sleeves and row of buttons they’ve got on there for a retro touch eh?

Stephanie Maxi Skirt - RM55SPOTTED: MultiColette

While it’s the summer season, it seems like everyone is donning on a maxi skirt of some kind. Why not try one with stripes while you’re at it babes. Definitely gives the illusion of making one taller too, no? I surely think so

Awesome Pink // Enchanted Series - RM30SPOTTED: Crafted by Mei

This is one of their enchanted series and I’ve already fallen in love with it. It’s simple, pretty and totally stands out in shocking pink for a change! That’s something I’d like to see more often *winks* Check out the other designs of this collection now

Korea Bow Boots - RM59.50SPOTTED: Trendy Fairy

While wearing boots seem a little out of hand in this country but when they look this adorable, how can you possibly refuse? Make it work girls with a pair of mini skirt, shorts or even a mini dress! Try it, style it, work it babes! Woot!

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