Top 8 Christmas Manicure Inspirations

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With Christmas just round the corner, we’ve decided to share our top 8 favourite Christmas-inspired manicures that you can try out for the holiday season:

1. Delicious candy canes

What’s Christmas without red and white striped candy canes? This is a simple tutorial which you can improvise to suit your liking and of course, a classic colour for your nails to stand out during the festive season



2. Snowflakes are falling

Just because it doesn’t snow in Malaysia doesn’t mean we can’t create our very own, on our nails that is. Design each snowflake to be unique in its own way, just like how they are supposed to be for a lovely white Christmas!



3. Not all that glitter is gold

This is one of the simplest and quickest manicure that you can try out for Christmas. While you’re at this, you can also try it out with a green polish or even alternate the colours for each nail



4. Deck the halls with boughs of holly

This requires a little more design work and steady hands, unless you have an amazing BFF to help you out in getting your nails all ready for the holidays



5. To each its own

How adorable is this? Santa, reindeer and so many other designs that you can try out for each nail. We’re thinking of adding a Christmas tree, presents, mistletoe and well, everything we can fit onto 10 fingernails for sure!



6. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

3 colours and a toothpick is all you need to create a dazzling Christmas tree with a French manicure to match!



7. Less is more

A simple French tip manicure, outlined with gold and add on a holly design on one of the nails or maybe even a Christmas bow!



8. Presents galore

And something we look forward to a lot for Christmas has got to be presents! All wrapped up in a bright shiny bow and we can have them on our nails too. Don’t they look gorgeous?



How are you dressing up your nails for Christmas? We hope these designs will give you an idea for the holiday season!

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