Top 10 Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow

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Instagram has become a big part of my social media life the moment my sister convinced me to start an account. Here are my Top 10 Instagram accounts to follow to get my daily dose of fashion inspiration

1. NY Fashion Times

A compilation of fashionable good-looking people. If only we can pose and look good as effortlessly as them


2. OOTD Magazine

A showcase of outfits from their store as well as featured bloggers with their ootd pick of the day. Submit your ootd and maybe you’ll be featured


3. Up Close And Stylish

For those working girls above the age of 25, this is the perfect account to follow. I love her sense of style in looking groomed and  oh-so-chic


4. Anna Dello Russo

Love her style, albeit over the top, but when has fashion ever been safe. Follow her for an eye-opening view of the fashion world out there


5. Chiara Ferragni

She is one of the world’s top fashion bloggers (Well, to me at least!) that have  made it big via her blog. She now flies all over the world for fashion events and have even launched her own shoe line


6. Kristina Bazan

She has captured my attention with her upcoming popularity as a fashion blogger, her range of style from casual to elegance


7. Kryz Uy

One of Phillipines top fashion blogger and icon. Despite her young age, she has appeared various ads and have partnered with famous brands. I like her young and fun style, which I  try to emulate during the weekends


8. Viola & Velda

Sisters and co-founder of Love Bonito, Singapore’s largest women fashion online retailer, Viola and Velda have always amazed me with the effortless girl-next-door style and charm



9. Fashion Kids

And last, but not least, who doesn’t love cute, adorable, well-dressed kids? Who knows, you might learn a tip or two from them about looking oh-so-fashionable


Who’s your fashion inspiration on Instagram? Share with us, we’d like to hear from you too!

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