Time for a Shopping Spree

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Soju - RM55SPOTTED: Clothes For Fun

How are you loving the prints, kaftans and sheer goodness for this season? I’m definitely seeing them more than ever and I think it’s a great piece to layer with. After all, we do have very hot weather here in Malaysia, no? *winks*

High waisted pencil skirt - RM28SPOTTED: Tanks for 5

While they don’t cost RM5 per piece for these but I think this comes as a pretty great bargain for high waisted pencil skirts, don’t you think so? Plus, there are plenty of colour options to choose from. Grab your fave before it’s too late alright?

Batik Bralet - RM45SPOTTED: Peep

We’ve seen denims, we’ve seen studs, we’ve seen prints and now batik prints as well? Wow, this is looking greater by the day ain’t it? I’m excited to see where we can go with this trend. Meanwhile, don’t forgo this awesome piece before it’s all gone!

Marble Print Set - RM89SPOTTED: Reverie Store

I’d like to think that these marble print pieces are a great in between plain bold colours and prints. Nothing too fancy but looks great and pretty, don’t you think so? I’d like this for a weekend outfit alright. Check it out for yourself babes!

Shift Dress With Sequin Cuff - RM66SPOTTED: Covetz

Now a shift dress by itself is pretty ordinary but what about one with sequin cuffs? Now that’s something extra that got our attention, no? It’s pretty and it has that extra touch for special events. How about that eh?


Pretty and adorable aren’t they? Man, I would so love to wear a different pair of shoes every day of the year! If only space and money weren’t an issue. Tee-hee. What about you? Shoes over dresses? *winks* I can see why!

Silk - RM70SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

Do you look forward to the Friday night updates of the latest bag styles? I know I do and this week is by far my favourite! Plus, this is a unique black bag design compared to the usual work styled bags we’ve seen. It’s a fun piece and I totally want one!

Queenie - RM79.90SPOTTED: Club Mod

Oh lookie here, this is a great colour combo matched with stripes too! It gives off a classy look and I think it’ll be a great piece to style with. Have fun, have it for this festive Raya season! Woot!

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