The Sun and Your Skin

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What you cannot see can hurt you and this is so true when it comes to the sun and your skin. Here’s a video to show you how the sun sees your skin:

Especially in a country like Malaysia where we’re exposed to the sun for quite a number of hours, it’s even more important to protect our skin from the sun. I’ve unfortunately learnt this lesson a little late and have accumulated quite some freckles on my skin from the many days spent queuing in the field before heading to class and now that I know, I seem to have went a little overboard with sun care:


I’ve got sunscreen for every type of occasion, some for sports, some for face, some for body, some for face and body and all the above brand have been great for me, especially with my sensitive skin. No sticky or oily residue and definitely no white film layer after application

What’s your sun care regime? Don’t forget the sunnies and a hat while you’re at it!

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