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Glamourous Velvet Maxi Skirt - RM59SPOTTED: Whitesoot

While this season is all about fishtails and asymmetrical hemlines, a great maxi skirt is not to be missed. Even more so when it comes in blue velvet, something classic, that allows for so many opportunities for styling, don’t you think?

The Collen Embroidered Peter Pan Top - RM36SPOTTED: Bluey Joyce

A simple embroidered Peter Pan collared top but you have to agree that the colour options are gorgeous! Instead of just another fun-loving piece, this one is actually looking pretty great for events and parties! *grins*

Cross front mini vest - RM20SPOTTED: Reverie Store

Not only are they having sales, but this piece is ideal for the season! Cut-out that is not like the usual and not to mention, it’s in mint as well too. Been searching high and low for a great piece in mint and looks like I have found my answer


This bag’s design is really unique, don’t you think? Colourful and would totally be an amazing accessory to complete the outfit. It also reminds me so much of the display pieces along Sentosa in Singapore too. Tee-hee

Swing irregular drape trim chiffon skirts - RM38SPOTTED: La De’ Sign

Here’s another great mint piece with the asymmetrical hemline and the piping makes it all the more awesome too. Put on a simple top, show off those legs and strap on some killer heels why don’t you? Quick styles, effortlessly *winks*

Reese - RM58SPOTTED: Colourful Pink Room

And yet another asymmetrical dress, this time with pleats. This is the season to wear it and you should stock up before everyone else has a piece in the best colours! I’d go for something classic and something bright and fun that can last throughout the seasons. What do you think?

RM43 Amour et Classic

Satchels are one of my favourite bag styles and it looks like instead of the usual black or tan colours, this seem to be the new shade of colour of bag to own! Make it yours, while stocks last as all their pieces seem to be selling off real fast!

Minimalist Spike Bangle - RM18SPOTTED: Delirious

Minimalist at its best with these bangles and buying all three to wear them together would be awesome arm candy, don’t you think? It’d be great to be wearing them with a colourful outfit. Plus, we don’t see them much so grab ’em before they’re gone!

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