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Today, we’d like to introduce to you a new kid on the block – The Labelled, that brings us gorgeous pieces perfect for our tropical climate and favourite beach getaways. While we’re busy stocking up on bikinis to get that perfect tan, don’t forget to also grab a pullover for walks on the beach.¬†Picture yourself in this situation

And that’s the reason why you need a piece of this goodness. We recommend this colourblock piece here that’s ideal for both layering (like when you’re heading for that late night movie and it’s absolutely freezing!) and the beach

Now what would be the ideal piece to go with this? You’ll need some amazing pair of shorts of course! While we do love our hip huggers and low slung jeans, we seem to have a fancy for the high waisted when it comes to shorts. Here are some options:

They both will be awesome with your pullover or just your bikini top. Or .. style them with your crop tops you’ve accumulated from your shopping sprees lately. With the extremely warm weather we’ve been experiencing, we definitely need to stock up on shorts for our daily outfits!

Go shop at The Labelled now and we can’t wait to see what they’ll have in store for us in their next chapter!

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