The Best Looks from The Carrie Diaries

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If you haven’t heard, The Carrie Diaries┬áhave been cancelled and there won’t be a season 3 where Carrie meets the iconic Miranda. We’re quite upset as we were just getting warmed up to the series with the introduction of young Samantha Jones and how that leads up to the Sex and the City series that we’re all familiar with

The Carrie Diaries

Nevertheless, we did enjoy two full seasons of 1980’s fashion from Carrie and her fashionable friends thanks to Eric Daman (formerly costume designer for Gossip Girl). Let’s take a trip down memory lane at some of our favourite looks from the series:


Carrie adds a pop of colour to her work outfit with a bright coloured top and accessories


Layering isn’t just for clothes, they work well for necklaces as well too


Sequins, sequins, sequins


Carrie rocked the full skirt before it was cool


Larrisa is well know for loud colours and wild animal prints and making them work by pairing them together


Mouse is always preppy-perfect, layering in comfortable sweaters


Pink on pink on pink


Glittery goodness all the way on both Carrie and Larissa for the night out


Matching wild prints and tulle – because, why not?


Doritt pairs flanel over a denim dress, a fresher look compared to her usual goth style


Make a playsuit even more youthful with a colourful top


Carrie proves that a classic denim jacket is suitable for all occasions


Dora and her minions pairing neon with pastel

While the fashion styles are retro, colourful and a tad bit too eclectic for today’s street style, we’re definitely gonna replicate those looks by editing the ensembles to fit in the scene of the present. We already miss this fashionista on screen, what about you?

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