Textiles of Southeast Asia

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While I’m not about to change career paths and venture into fashion design (a dream nonetheless, but in a much distant future), I’ve always wanted to learn more about the different types of textiles available and how it affects fashion design. This is also extremely important for me when reviewing apparels and vital when it comes to fashion week season. What are the differences between baroque and brocade? Which foreign influence contributed to the change of textiles in Southeast Asia?

I soon found answers to my questions and more from this book:


At first glance, Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation looked a lot like a text book for those venturing into this industry. It’s a little text-heavy, but plenty of information is found inside including a guide to the foundation, foreign influences and also the changing course for textiles in Southeast Asia. It turned out to be quite an interesting read for me as I discovered many different techniques including types of appliqué and decorative weaving used to produce these textiles. I’m so proud to be in this region where such beautiful textiles are created


pha sin: woman’s ceremonial skirt of Tai Neua people using the weft ikat, supplementary weft weaving techniques

This book also tells the story of the different textiles, their motifs and the secular and religious traditions which govern their use, paired with beautiful coloured illustrations that helps to shape the history of the textiles we see today. No longer am I going to just refer to a print as just another ‘motif’ now that I’ve learned of the different influences and meaning behind them now that I’m armed with the knowledge of the Chinese, Islamic, Indian and European influences on textiles


The glossary of technical terms is an added bonus to the book, educating readers like myself on the various terms used to describe textiles and the methods used in creating them. A great educational and reference read on textiles, its historical origin and the changes it has gone through over the years

If you’ve got a passion to be in the fashion industry, this is one book that you should read. Get your copy today


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