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ASOS Inspired Horse Sweater - RM53SPOTTED: Clothes for Chics

This horse print sweater on mustard is gorgeous and looks absolutely comfy to snuggle in! Especially when we’re getting random bouts of showers of rain every not and then eh? There’s more from where this came form, be sure to check ’em out for yourself babes!

Delicate White Lace Top - RM62SPOTTED: Reverie Store

Everyone needs to have a great white shirt and this one here with lace is looking pretty fine as an alternative if you already have your amazing white shirt. Feminine but yet maintaining a cool demeanor and of course, available at an amazingly affordable price too!

H Sensuous Bikini in Hot Pink - RM79SPOTTED: Pink n Proper

Always be on the lookout for an amazing bikini and the next great location to get your tan. While H&M is hitting our shores soon, you don’t need to wait till then to score some H&M goodies when you can have ’em right now. My fave of the lot is this, what about you?

ST2451 Crochet Top-Dress - RM38SPOTTED: Spade Tension

Lace is absolutely classy but hey, don’t forget about the crochet designs pieces too and look what I came across? This one here is looking fantastic and great for everyday wears. Check out what other designs they have and make them yours before it all belongs to someone else

Sequin Black Dress - RM 75SPOTTED: A Gossip Bunny

While sequins are usually reserved for fancy parties, every girl needs one of this kind of dress in their wardrobe ready when the occasion calls for it! And this one here is looking pretty amazing as an option if you haven’t got any already. If sequins are really not your thing, there are more party dresses options from where this came from

White Chiffon Top - RM36SPOTTED: Chloe Closet

Chiffon tops are great for the tropical climate and allows us so many options for styling and layering. Plus, it’s always safe to have a white top because it works great with any other colour. And of course, don’t stop there because you need a piece in black too. Let the hunt begin!

Le-Copine: Collar Tip Denim Crop Top - RM38SPOTTED: Le Copine

Been seeing all the collar tip shirts around and I think they look awesome. What if you have one in denim? And a crop top too? Oh yes, that certainly gives us all the more reasons to make this ours. Now, hurry on over to purchase it before they all belong to someone else!

Balloon // BleuBird Series - RM35SPOTTED: Crafted by Mei

If you’ve been following her site closely, you’d know that she’s launched a series of BleuBird designs and they all look adorable! This one here is only one of the lot (my fave!), so be sure to hop on over to check out all the designs for this series before they’re sold out alright?


One shoulder and a sexy high slit on the side in a plain bold shade – what’s not to like about this? There are endless opportunities for styling and accessorizing. Make it count, make it work because they are so versatile. What say you? *winks*

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