Styling with Galaxy Prints

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Galaxy prints are making it big and if you haven’t gotten a piece, well, what are you waiting for babe? For those of you who already have some, here are ideas on how to style ’em:

Let’s start with three simple full outfit combinations that require styling with basics that most of us already own:

Left: Plain bright coloured clutch and black heels | Middle: Black top, plain coloured clutch, black heels | Right: Black top and bottom, light coloured blazer and clutch

And here are more examples on how fashionistas have been styling the galaxy prints:


Spotted the similarities? Black works best when styling with galaxy prints so that it stands out in all its glory. However, if you want to accessorize, go for a small plain bright or light coloured clutch or outerwear to top it off. How are you styling your galaxy prints? Share them with us *grins*

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