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Mastering particular street style trends can be tricky for petite girls – take it from someone who’s 5’1 and knows. But at the same time, who is to say we shorter ladies aren’t allowed to join in the fashion fun? If you are 5’4 (160cm) and below, welcome to the club, we feel you, and don’t fret. Here are tips on how to nail five of the most exciting trends.


1. Prints

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As much as you might fancy the trend of wide, abstract prints, I’m afraid that’s a no in our books. Instead, opt for smaller, tighter prints and patterns that will flatter your body shape, and won’t overwhelm you.

Wide-legged pants

The cardinal rule here is not to let the slightest bit of skin show. Unlike a good pair of cropped jeans, you don’t want to be exhibiting your ankles – simply because the extra fabric in palazzo pants isn’t as conventionally flattering as skin-hugging, tight-fitted jeans.

Hide your ankles with floor-skimming pants, to give the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. When your pants cut off at the ankle it chops up the seamless silhouette and creates an awkward off-balanced shape. High-waisted pants are a plus point in lengthening your silhouette. If the pants are too long for you, slip your feet into a pair of fail-safe heels for added height.

2. Wide-legged pants

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ASOS has a good range of Petite wear tailored specifically for girls 5’4 and under. Apart from learning how to find the right pair of wide-legged pants, it always helps to have clothes tailored for a certain height range. Check out their line of trousers and pants and get extra cashback savings from ShopBack Malaysia too.

Maxi dresses

Ah the timeless maxi dress. Many petite ladies have the misconception that maxis make you look shorter, but knowing how to play with lengths and cuts makes a world of difference. The perfect hem falls just between your ankle and the top of your foot, elongating your profile – anything longer and we recommend pairing it with heels.

3. Maxi

Photo by @vaingloriousyou. Popular Singaporean blogger Tricia Ong is known for being a petite blogger, but pulls of the maxi perfectly with a fitted lacy number complete with thigh-high slit

Pick maxis that are fitted on top and billow smoothly out at the bottom. Overly voluminous maxis can drown your shape. Asymmetrical shapes also work well on shorter girls, to flash that extra bit of leg to offset too much fabric. And speaking of flashing leg, don’t forget the need to balance the amount of skin on show – too much skin is undesirable but so is too little! A tasteful cut-out or neckline on top will stop the dress from looking overwhelming.

Midi skirts

4. Midi

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Midis are a gorgeous new addition to this season’s style trends, and, to the surprise of many, very wearable for petite girls. The trick to pulling off the midi skirt is length – find something that hits either right above or below your mid-calf. Mid-calf is the thickest part of your calf, which you do not want to accentuate, so steer clear from skirts that hit in the middle. In addition, skip neoprene and opt for lighter fabrics like linen, and choose A-line shapes, so you won’t appear bottom-heavy.


5. Culottes

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The edgier, androgynous cousin to the midi skirt, culottes are hard to nail but worth the effort when perfected. The mechanics work the same as midis – just make sure they don’t end at the largest part of your calf. In balancing out your proportions, culottes are best paired with something cropped and fitted so it doesn’t look like you’re drowning in fabric.

At the end of the day, you’re going to love being fun-sized.


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