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Inspired by Topshop, many are hunting down bralets for this summer. and I love how it’s a galaxy print on this one. Also comes in a set if you like but better be quick about that because they’re all selling out fast. You’ve been warned!

After Work - RM39SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics

Apart from all the gorgeous colours that we’ve been seeing this season, another trend not to be missed are the sheer pieces. What more when you can get a bright coloured piece! Definitely something to make it your own before it all belongs to someone else

Aceline Korean - RM48SPOTTED: A Model Studio

This dress is a two in one, an attached cardigan to a dress and you can style it the way you want it! How great is that? It also comes in various colour combo so hop on over to check out the options

basic colored cardigan - RM42SPOTTED: Triple Bee

The good ‘ol plain coloured cardigans are a basic must-haves. Especially one in black that is absolutely versatile to style with all your outfits. More colour options from where that came from, hurry on over to get yours

Beaded sleeves dress - RM44SPOTTED: Velvet Strings

Funk up the look of an otherwise LBD with just a touch of extras to the sleeves there. How about that eh? I think it has a very futuristic look that makes it a trendy piece. It’s a party piece alright *winks*

RM58 - Trendy Stiletto Heels

Fancy a pair of red shoes? They look great and also an amazing boost for the height too. So what do you say to some new pair of kicks babes? I know a girl can never have too many

Dainty & Demure No.2 - RM32SPOTTED: Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

Dainty and demure alright, everything you need for a charmbracelet. It’s amazing how there are always new designs and endless combination of charms. So how many have you own so far babes? Surely there’s room for more!

SUMMER 92 - RM60SPOTTED: Summer 92

Now that everyone is into the high low skirts, you better get yourself some before it’s too late! Even more so when they come in this shade of green as everyone in fashion has a piece in this shade. Don’t miss out!

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