Style Guide: What to Wear to Weddings

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If you’re in your 20s, chances are that you’d be receiving invitations from friends and colleagues to their weddings quite often. And given that we live in a multi-cultural country, weddings only get more interesting as we get to witness the various ceremonies and practices by different cultures on this special day so the big question is, what does one wear to attend weddings?

Here’s a simple style guide to help you out:

Garden Wedding


Garden weddings are no longer the weddings just in movies, they are becoming increasingly more popular in Malaysia along with beach weddings. Keep your outfit for such as event simple yet elegant. Opt for short dresses and swap your heels for wedges if walkways are minimal and floral is always in theme for a garden wedding

Malay Wedding


For non-Muslims, this is a great chance to wear a traditional piece, either the bag kurung or the kebaya. These traditional pieces have also been reinvented by many of our local designers for their RTW collections and can be easily styled separately into every day looks

Indian Wedding


Don on a traditional saree and choose one that’s colourful because after all a wedding ceremony is a joyous occasion and everyone should be celebrating! Don’t forget to accessorise while you’re at it because it’s always better to over dressed than under dresses for events like these

Chinese Wedding Dinner


The colour red is a symbol of luck and fortune, especially at a wedding. Even if this is a colour you shy away from usually, a Chinese wedding dinner is the prefect time for you to try red out for your look

Church Wedding

churchChurch weddings are often a simple and classy affair that is carried out during the day. Wear something modest, yet fun as it’s a joyous occasion after all. Keep makeup and accessories to a minimum for a simple day look and remember to take pictures with the beautiful bride!

The key to choosing your look for attending weddings are simple: Always remember to keep it modest, avoid dark colors and opt for something colourful or bright and put on your best smile for the cameras

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