Spotted on Screen: Artemisia, 300: Rise of An Empire

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Amidst the brutality and bloodshed from the war in the recent 300: Rise of An Empire film, my attention was focused on Artemisia’s warrior outfit that featured leather, hair and metal



While it’s rather ridiculous to do an Artemisia-inspired outfit look complete with spikes and a human hair vest, that doesn’t mean we can’t steal a part of her style as our warrior princess inspiration to be incorporated into our daily outfits

As you may have guessed by now, my attention was zoomed in to her ear cuff, an accessory that was very prominent throughout the entire film. Gold, spiked and completely wrapping her left ear – it’s hard to be missed!

So  I did a little hunting and found 3 designs that we can wear to create an Artemisia-inspired look:

ear cuffs

1. Spiked Ear Clip by Fashionista Senze: It may be small but it sure is fierce but making a statement with spikes. A great finishing touch to that edgy outfit you’ve been planning

2. Swirl Punk Ear Cuffs by Pinky Bears: If you rather it takes up more space, then this design ought to do the trick – complete with swirls to wrap your entire ear for the full effect

3. Gold Snake Cuff Earring by Pinky Bears: Or you’d rather go minimal? Then you should totally consider this design, available in both gold and silver

How will you rock your Artemisia inspired look? *winks*

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