Spotted on Screen: Aria, Pretty Little Liars Halloween 2013

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Aria, Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special (Season 4, Episode 13)

If you’ve watched the Halloween special episode of Pretty Little Liars, you would have seen the girls in costumes from the World War 1 era at Ravenswood, while looking for Alison. Drawing inspiration from that episode for costume ideas, we manage to hunt down 2 different necklaces that are very similar to what Aria wore on set:

A Fashion Story┬áhas two necklace design that is similar to what Aria wore and it’s a great dressy piece for any fancy occasion, especially Halloween when dressing out-of-the-ordinary is a must! Get yours today, before it’s too late to ship in time for Halloween!

Design #1 (left) | Design #2 (right)


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