Sometimes We Just Need Simplicity

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Sheer Asymmetrical Hem Chiffon Top - RM59SPOTTED: SeeSaw’s Playground

Asymmetrical seems to be all the rage this year, doesn’t it? Hi-lo dresses, skirts and likes and now even on tops! As simple as it may seem, it sure is versatile for our creative styling opportunities, no? Something to consider but be quick before it all belongs to someone else!

Seafoam Green Black Crochet Lace Trim Blouse with Long Sleeves - RM49SPOTTED: Whitesoot

Green isn’t your everyday color but it sure does change the mood around things with a fresh look, no? I’ve been exploring the various shades of green ever since mint was the color to wear and am totally enjoying it. Try it too, why don’t you? *winks*

NAOMI - Leopard Print Peplum Party Dress- RM69SPOTTED: Belmode

A little peplum goes a long way and pair it with leopard prints? I can see the look working already without going OTT on this one here. Check out the rest of the current collection while you’re at it alright? You’d be surprise that there’s something for everyone!

Miss Beth Dress - RM39SPOTTED: The Attires’ Attic

While we usually see great bodycon dresses from her, this time round, let’s go for something more fun and casual shall we? This one here is sure a weekend kinda dress and I love it already! Bright colors and fun – Wouldn’t you like a piece of this for yourself too? Tee-hee

Owl Bracelet - RM19SPOTTED: Owlch

A blogshop that adores owls, now they bring you an owl bracelet too! It definitely ain’t your usual kinda charmbracelet but bringing you a combination of charms all the same. Try this new look why don’t you? I know I would

Quilted Pleather Two-Way Tote Bag - RM55SPOTTED: NudeNot

Looks like it’s not just dresses when it comes to them, there’s also a quilted two-way tote up for grabs! Versatile in classic black, I can see this bag working out for so many different occasions and outfits already. Definitely a must-have, this one here

Basic High-Low Dress - RM84SPOTTED: West Fashion

And something that everyone seems to be wearing nowadays, your basic hi-lo dress. This one here in classic black and last I checked, in purple as well too. Grab it while stocks last, especially if you’re all about minimalism and low on the prints *winks*

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