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Military Diamante Shoulder Blazer - RM65SPOTTED: Spade Tension

If you’re looking for a casual or dressy blazer that you want to style for outings, then this one here is something you should consider. It’s got an amazing touch of diamante on the shoulders that give it a spin on the military look and of course your whole outfit as a whole

RM69POTTED: Emcee Couture

Look who else have got our favourite prints for us! This one here on a pair of overalls is not to be misses, especially when it’s limited to the amount of orders that they can get. First come, first served babes. Don’t go waiting too long on this one here

Paris Top - RM69SPOTTED: Pretty Chase

There’s just something about pairing gold with black isn’t it? It’s a little more than casual, something less than formal and just the right mix – something we all need when you’re unsure what the dress code is. Hop on over to check out what else they have to offer!

Bones Mini - RM39SPOTTED: Peep

Want to rock a mini skirt? How about a classic black and white combo but this time with skulls all over for that rocker chic look? Oh yea, I think it’s looking pretty awesome and with a pink top to complete the outfit? Perfect!

Tina Duo Maxi - RM48SPOTTED: A Model Studio

A simple dual tone maxi dress that leaves plenty of room for accessorizing with a great price tag too. So how about that? The only thing you need to consider is which colour combo suits you best. But of course, don’t wait too long before it all belongs to someone else *winks*


If you have a weak spot for boots, then you might like this pair here that looks like a gorgeous pair of riding boots, no? Man, I could wear boots every day because they come in so many cool amazing designs and they’re great with skirts, dresses, shorts or jeans! So versatile, how can you not want them?

Skinny Bar Necklace - RM22SPOTTED: Velvet Strings

Some go for the bold but others go for minimalism. For me, something like this works with the amount of dark coloured dresses I have. Just that simple addition to complete the outfit without going OTT. I’mma gonna get myself a piece. What about you?

Nicole Flats - RM65SPOTTED: MultiColette

Aztec or tribal prints? No matter the name, they are every where on dresses, accessories, bags and of course shoes! What more when they come in a pair of flats that comfortable enough for every day wear. All you need to know now are, do they come in your size? *grins*

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