So Many Styles to Wear

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Red Riding Hood Bag - RM46SPOTTED: Sheabelle

While a black bag is classic and a staple, one should also step out of your comfort zone and try a bold colour like red! Try this one out because it’s just the right size and design of the season. There are more from where this came from, so be sure to check them out!

Graffiti Leggings - RM35SPOTTED: Owlch

There are tattoo tights and then there are graffiti leggings, which one do you fancy? I reckon you got to try one of each to find out which suits you best. Nevertheless, it’d be a fun adventure to wear ’em and you’ll be getting plenty of attention!

D Inspired Pumpkin Print Dress - RM35SPOTTED: Kerra Boutique

Looks like D&G has a dose of fruity goodness in their latest designs and look what we have here! We can totally have the same inspired pieces for a fraction of the original D&G pieces. How awesome is that? Plus, we can always use a bright dash of colourful goodness in our outfits

The Kennedy Bustier Eyelet Bodycon Dress - RM55SPOTTED: Bluey Joyce

There are tons of gorgeous eyelet pieces lately and they look absolutely amazing in white. Man, I so want to have parties to go to so I can wear a different one every day. Hurry on over and grab yourself a piece before they all belong to someone else *winks*

ASOS inspired floral asymmetrical dress - RM79SPOTTED: Booba Pop

If you frequent ASOS during your late night shopping cravings, then this one here would look familiar to you, no? In fact, there are so many of these dresses in almost every retail outlet and now, here’s yet another option for you. Stock up on ’em because you just can never have too many!

It Will Fit Bag - RM45SPOTTED: Xiawa Dressroom

They just brought in a collection of bags in all shapes, colours and sizes and I picked my favourite: I’s called the “It Will Fit Bag”. How apt eh? And yes, it comes in my favourite colour for bags too and it sure is a bag style I’ve yet to own. Gotta get myself a piece! Woot!

String a Heart - RM10SPOTTED: The Bead Pot

While we usually see this with an anchor and in a nautical theme, this time it’s a heart for a change and it looks great in the various colour options they have to offer too. But of course, don’t wait too long on this one because with this price, how can you resist? *grins*


They definitely never fail to bring us gorgeous heels. This one here is a simple design but hey, the colour is a fun one and the height is amazing. Makes it all versatile and plenty opportunity for styling there eh? Go get yourself a pair and check out the rest of the amazing designs while you’re there!

SUMMER 92 - RM98SPOTTED: Summer 92

Speaking of shoes, lookie here! We even got floral prints on shoes too, how cool is that? While it’s OTT to wear full on floral prints from head to toe, how can you resist this pair of goodness? Would be ideal to be paired against plain coloured pieces *winks*

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