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Have you ever bought a top you really liked but then you’re sort of just creating the same 2 looks with it? Or you’re travelling to a new place with four seasons and have no idea how to style your look? Or you follow all your favourite style gurus on Instagram but you can never quite locate the post you double tapped on to for your next style inspiration because there are so many photos on your feed?

What if I told you that there’s an app for all of that? Indeed, there is. It’s Shoppr

First of all, you’ll have a feed personalised to your style. On the other hand, you have a separate feed of all your favourite stylistas in one place and when you click Inspire Me


You get to shop their look! How convenient is that? The best part is, they offer options of the similar item so you can make your decision on which piece suits you the most to recreate the look or save it for later! There’s something for everyone and every budget


Follow your favourite fashionistas in Malaysia or from around the world and shop their look from within the app! Here are some of our favourite #girlcrush:





Aside from following trendsetters, you can also follow or search by brands for their latest releases. Instead of online shopping between marketplaces and ecommerce sites to check out their latest updates, they’re all neatly sorted for you in one place

Choose to view by products:IMG-20160222-WA0004

Or better yet, how people around the world are styling their outfits with items from your favourite brand! Shopping, browsing, getting inspiration not only for looks but also on how to take your next #OOTD just became so much more fun!IMG-20160222-WA0005

Another way to explore is to search by type of products. For example, I’ve been meaning to wear my sneakers more often but can’t seem to pair them well with my usual outfits without looking like I’m heading to the park for an evening jog. But hey, look what came up when I searched for sneakers in Shoppr

So many different looks I can be wearing sneakers every day now!

Liking what you see so far? There’s more!

Get Rewarded by Shoppr


Download Shoppr now and get rewarded with RM5 instantly to start shopping. And because you guys are such a great bunch, share your invite link via Facebook with the hashtag #shopprapp (post must be public) to be rewarded with another RM5. Get rewarded to shop – music to all shopaholics’ ears. Tee-hee

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