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If you’re in your twenties, you either become an aunt to nephews and nieces, have friends who are having a baby or having a baby of your own. When it comes to buying presents for the little ones, we have the Internet to thank for the vast number of options and trendsetting styles

We’ve had our fair share of shopping for baby gifts online and here are some of our favourite online stores for Lil’ Tots:

Black Milk Project




From rompers to tees, from posters to prints, from totes to baby accessories – they’ve got it all! Our favourite part of shopping with Black Milk Project aside from the adorable doodles and typography is that you get to customize the design for a more meaningful gift. Besides, babies need a lot of rompers so gifting them with clothes are a practical option

Mike & Dann



Take it one step further with not only customization but 12 sets of rompers for baby to grow into from Mike and Dann. That’ll really help out mum and dad in the wardrobe section don’t you think? Plus, they’ll make great #OOTM for the babies too. Teehee

Applecrumby & Fish

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Applecrumby and Fish is the perfect place for those who are looking for premium brands when it comes to baby’s skincare, toiletries, and toys. While prices tend to be a little higher,┬áit’s worth the price for organic, eco-friendly and most importantly products that are not harmful for the baby

BB Luvs Me



Aside from some of the cutest accessories, they also have a selection of traditional wear for the little ones that are too adorable to resist! BB Luvs Me‘s collections are catered to kids up to 5+ years old and occasionally, you’ll find a great deal for mum and dad too!

Fairy Tutu



Handmade with love, Fairy Tutu will make your and baby’s princess dreams come true! Beautiful pieces that are worthy of special occasions, birthdays and celebrations. Customize it, wear it and transform yourself and the little one into a princess!

We hope these suggestions will help you shop easier and better when it comes to shopping or gifting for the lil’ tots. Happy shopping!

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