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Fashion trends change as quickly as technology updates and there’s no better way to keep up with the trends than to shop online. What makes an online store stand out are definitely its quality of products, customer service excellence and let’s not forget prices you just can’t miss

Now that everyone is moving towards mobile, insta-shops are gaining popularity with the ease of double-tapping to like our favourite items and placing an order is just a WhatsApp away. Here are my top 3 insta-shops (with personal shopping experience with them of course!) that you should check out:



Are you a fan of designer brands? If yes, this is where you need to click on

Here, you can find designer handbags and wallets such as Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach and March Jacobs brand at a really low price! Fret not, as they are all authentic. Their handbags have been sold in the hundreds and the price is really affordable, with prices less than 50% of the retail price!

My personal opinion: Fast service and very assuring. You don’t have to worry about spending your entire savings for these bags anymore; now that you can afford them and have them sent to you. Kudos on the excellent service and quality of products!

10540492_1452489458345410_1086457620_n sells Muslimah fashion clothing and traditional Malay clothing. They provide you with high quality items, as most of them are handmade and imported. The prices are also unbelievably cheap! They used to have their own boutique, which located in Shah Alam but now they are more focused on selling online

My personal opinion: They provide cash on delivery, which gives me the opportunity to take a look at the detailing of the items that I’m buying

Untitled4 is based in Kuching, Sarawak. They have been running the business for more than a year and are always fashion forward with great prices. Their items are limited so you won’t be caught wearing the same item as the rest of the world and the best part of all is that they ship worldwide!

My personal opinion:  They offer great customer service! You opt for cash on delivery if you are based in Kuching but shipping to West Malaysia only takes two working days, which is worth the wait!

What about you? Do you shop from Instagram? Share your favourite Insta-stores with us!

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