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A couple of weeks ago, we jetted off to Bangkok for some much-needed retail therapy. It was our first trip to Bangkok and our shopping itinerary went a little something like this:

Day #1 – Friday

We arrived in the afternoon and after a short rest and a quick meal, we set off on our retail therapy expedition

Shopping destination #1: Terminal 21

Our verdict: A great place to visit as each floor is decorated with a different city theme (including the washrooms!). Prices are comparable to our KL city shopping malls but there are plenty selections for men, indie designs and our favourite was a little shop that only sold designs with ducks on ’em! Take your time to scour through and you’ll find some hidden gems and unbelievable prices that comes along with it

Shopping destination #2: Night market outside Siam Square

Our verdict: Bargaining is a must and most items can also be found in Chatuchak Weekend Market and also Platinum Fashion Mall. Prices go as low as 150 baht per item, wholesale (purchase 2 or 3 items and above) to score better deals. Especially helpful when you’re shopping with friends!

Day #2 – Saturday

Shopping destination #3: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Our verdict: This is where you should allocate majority of your shopping budget to. Prices are the cheapest here whether wholesale or retail and there are endless numbers of shops to check out and things to buy. Definitely something for everyone. Here are a few tips we’d like to share when shopping in Chatuchak:

Tip 1: Start early and have a good breakfast before you embark on this journey

Tip 2: Bring along a large trolley bag or purchase one from Chatuchak

Tip 3: Grab a map each and a pen, in case you lose each other (we did >_< )

Tip 4: Write down the number of the shop if you’d like to revisit it or else it’s almost impossible to locate it again

Tip 5: Remember to hydrate yourself regularly. Coconut, juices and ice creams are in abundance throughout the market

Tip 6: If you find something you like and got it for a good price, think no further, make it yours! Of course, remember to bargain too!

Tip 7: Spend both Saturday and Sunday here! (We only spent Saturday and perhaps managed to cover like 1/4 or less of the entire market. Will definitely come back again)

Shopping destination #4: Central World 

Our verdict: Similar to our KL city shopping malls but because they’re having sales in Thailand, most outlets were having massiv discounts and even those that weren’t, like Naraya, it was packed and everyone seemed like they wanted to buy out the entire store!

Day #3: Sunday

Shopping destination #5: Platinum Fashion Mall

Our verdict: Start early in the day because there are many floors to cover and as it gets later in the day, the amount of people in the mall make it more difficult to navigate through all the alleys. There’s also another block that caters more towards accessories, shoes and bags. Remember to bargain to get the best prices and attempt to shop with a system so you cover all ground in this enormous wholesale mall

Shopping destination #6: Random night markets around Partunam

Our verdict: More suitable for those shopping retail as you can get wholesale prices for single pieces. Great selection of choices but limited to first come first served and you never know what you might just come across

Day #4: Monday

Shopping destination #7: MBK

Our verdict: We didn’t spend much time here as it was a our final day. We made our way here as it was the nearest shopping mall that had a Hello Kitty store and we were in need of some Hello Kitty goodness. A quick assessment of the mall revealed that prices are comparable to Platinum Fashion Mall and we’ll definitely allocate more time for this place next visit

Shopping destination #8: Pratunam

Our verdict: This is almost as fun as shopping in Chatuchak (in terms of prices) but in a much smaller scale. The interesting about it is that there are different vendors during different times of the day. Missed out on plenty even though it was located right outside our hotel. Another bookmarked location for our next trip

That sums up our 4-day shopping trip in Bangkok. Also, always be on the alert of pickpockets and travel via cab (insist that they use the meter) is by far the cheapest and most comfortable mode of transport compared to tuk-tuk and trains

We hope this review helps you out in your shopping trip in Bangkok, especially if you’re a first-timer. If you have any tips to share with us or places we’ve missed out on, comment and let us know!

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