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Most of the articles featured here are related to clothes, if not beauty. It’s about time we share about our favourite finds when it comes to shopping online for accessories. Here are our top picks:


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Cream by Val is a local jewellery maker that specializes in working with sterling silver, brass and copper. Aside from creating beautiful jewellery to add to your collection or give away as gifts, they also customize designs and keepsakes, which are bound to come in handy for special occasions such as birthdays, bridesmaid gifts, anniversary and the likes. Enjoy free delivery within Malaysia and free delivery worldwide for purchases above RM300

Find out more about Cream by Val in the following links:



Less is more with Tiga Jewellery, who focuses on minimal sleek design, geometric shapes and interchangeable elements to create your own sexy elegance. All designs come in either gold, silver or rose, are easy to style and offer the extra element of cool in your overall look. They’re relatively new and they are already¬†working on their¬†Fall/Winter collection, which we can’t wait to check out!

More on Tiga Jewellery here:

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Ever wonder where to personalize your name on a necklace? Or on a bangle or even on a ring? Ellone Story can make that happen for you and the characters are not limited to alphanumeric as you can also include Chinese characters as well too. We’re thinking bookmarks this for later, for that special occasion gift to your special half *winks*

Find out how to personalize your own here:

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When it comes to charms and charmbracelets, we always turn to The Mini Diary. A pioneer in the industry, she has ready-made designs, allows for personalizations, conducts classes and is often found at events where you can meet her in person. We love this Cinderalla-inspired collection and there is so much more from where these came from

See more from The Mini Diary at:

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Talking about costume jewellery, you have to check out A Fashion Story for the largest and most updated selection. In fact, if accessorizing is your middle name, you can even purchase in bulk for a better bargain without breaking the bank!

Here’s how you can get started:

What’s your style when it comes to jewellery and where do you shop from? Share with us!

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