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I’ve been meaning to get a more ‘grown-up’ laptop bag as I’ve been carrying this backpack for the past 2 years and while it’s better on my back by balancing the weight, unfortunately the quality was not as expected as the straps have been fraying and the zippers are falling apart, literally. It’s also not very professional nor fashionable and I cringe whenever I go for events with my laptop bag!


So I decided to get myself a new one that is smaller, chic and serves it’s purpose by offering sufficient protection for my most-loved gadget: my laptop. I settled for a Michael Kors sling from Shopbop¬†because it fit everything I was looking for in a bag and the price, it was so much less than I expected! Honestly, this even cost me less than my backpack!

I wasn’t expecting much, just a functional black laptop bag I won’t mind carrying from work to events and where ever necessary but the purchase really surprised me


Firstly, it took only 5 days for the shipment to arrive and to me, that’s mighty impressive (as I’ve shopped online a lot from overseas and the products either always fail to show up or they arrive about a month later than expected). The bag was also beautifully bubble wrapped and arrived in a box so it felt like was receiving a present!


The quality of the bag was better than expected, durable, easy-to-maintain and would last me through scratches, clumsy situations I would inevitably find myself in. Not to forget, it’s a great fit for my 13-inch Mac and the insides are lined with soft cushion that protects my laptop from any damage – very vital for me


There’s also a little hidden pocket at the back where I can store my projector adaptor when I’m headed for meetings and presentations, subtle and super handy


No worries about flimsy straps that would cut into my skin and zippers that break because they’re built strong and are going to last me quite a while. I’m so impressed by the quality and very happy with my purchase

But of course, one can never just buy one item when shopping online so I actually got myself a little something as well when I was shopping around for my laptop bag:


A Kate Spade charm letter bangle bracelet with the letter Y. I’ve always¬†wanted to get myself a piece of jewellery with my initials but never quite found a simple design that I could customize to my liking, till I saw this of course


It’s a perfect fit and a simple design that I can wear everyday and for all occasions, plus the little surprise ‘One in a million’ message inscribed on the back

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.44.00 PM

And ever since I received my purchase, I’ve been on Shopbop almost every day building my wishlist for my next purchase. There’s just so much to choose from brands and collections that we do not have access to in Malaysia such as Rachel Zoe (I die!), Elizabeth and James, The Blonde Salad Steve Madden and the list goes on

You’ll also get an email for when the items on your wishlist goes on sale or are running low in stocks, so you don’t miss out on the items you had your eye on. I’m totally saving up to check the items off my wishlist on Shopbop. Join me won’t you? *winks*

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