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Do you love accessories?

Then you’re gonna wanna pay attention to this! The other day, we received a lovely package from Sheabelle. Now, without informing them prior to what our taste and liking was in accessories, we were excited to be surprised by what they have chosen for us!

First up, a sweet ribbon hair tie (how did they possibly know I am totally into ribbons?) that is simple to keep that ponytail up with that extra touch. Minimalistic, just the way we like it

And next, a matching set of necklace and bracelet – perfect for an evening out as I usually tend to dress in simple plain colours without prints and this set complements most, if not all, my outfits

Next up, we had a fun time with these arm candies. While it may not be our usual style, but the colours sure make an amazing addition to complete our otherwise monotonous looks. A pop of bright colours for Spring/Summer! How apt indeed

And last but not least, a simple faux croc clutch, because we all need a faux croc/snakeskin item and this one is just right without going OTT for me

Now, just for you lovely readers, you are entitled to a lifetime 15% discount when you shop with Sheabelle. Just remember to use this code ASD x Sheabelle when you make your purchase. Happy shopping for all things pretty and remember to check our their Facebook page too!

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