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You know how there’s always this coupon code column when you checkout after a rater fulfilling session of online shopping?


And how you just wish you had that coupon code (Dang, shouldn’t have deleted that e-newsletter!) that would save you some bucks from that rather large sum after adding all those items to cart?

Now you can! Thanks to iPrice, you will now be kept up-to-date about the latest deals and most recent coupons to use that can save you some moolah while you shop online. No more hunting down for that coupon code you jot down somewhere or searching for that e-newsletter that might have ended up in your junk mail when it’s all listed (and updated) for you in a single website


You’ll also discover new deals that are taking place and you never have to pay full price again – How about that for a mid-week feel good news? *winks*

Now just when you think that this is too good to be true or it’s one of those scammy promotions that steal your information, fret not – I’ve personally tried this out for myself the other day while shopping at Zalora and the coupon code was true to its word, it works and I saved a whopping 20% off my bill (the price of one entire dress!)

Check it out for yourself and keep checking back at iPrice for the latest deals and savings while you shop online. I know I will

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And while you’re at that, I’ve got something extra to share with you:-

For first time shoppers, take 15% off your bill when you shop with Zalora using the code: ZBAPth6. Happy shopping!

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