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So we’ve always been more of a sneakers over heels kinda gal and recently just added another pair to our collection from the recent Shopbop Friends & Family Sale so we thought we’d go hunt down some new socks to match them

We did some digging and OMG, the selections are endless and they are just the cutest. Because, why go for boring white ankle socks when you can have fun cute pairs? We just have to share them with you, have a look see and decide for yourself:

Cute Animal Socks

animal socks

These come in a lot of two pairs each and there are so many different animal pairings to choose from. Don’t stop at just two pairs *grins* Get them here

llama socks

There’s something about llamas (or are they alpacas?) that make them super cute. Here you can get a whole dozen of them at a go. Get yours here


We also can’t get enough of this pair of giraffe socks, complete with eyelashes and all! Tee-hee. They can be yours too, click here

bear socks

Don’t stop there, these socks have ear cutouts for the different animals and they are sure to make a statement. Click here to add to your shopping cart now

owl socks

Owl lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Get a different coloured pair for each day of the week, because why not? Click here to see more

cat socks

This is one of our favourites, because cats! And of course, we cannot just stop at one pair. We’re on a roll here! Click here to make them yours too

fox socks

What does the fox say? One pair of sleepy grey fox and one pair of adorable brown fox socks please! Get your feet in these duo now, click here

Cartoon Socks

pusheenDid someone say Pusheen socks?! We literally squealed when we saw these and even roped in our BFF to join in the buy. Oops! I’m sure you want a pair (or two) too. Just a click away here


Probably the first cat that we fell in love with and we still read Garfield comics till today as they get sent to our inbox daily. Make them yours here

Non-Animal Socks

In case cute animals are not your kinda thing …


How about some watermelons? There are other fruits to choose from of course, go take your pick already. Click here to start

web socks

We’ve seen tons of lace slips for ballet flats and shoes, sure. But have you seen any fancy design like this Charlotte’s web socks? I don’t think so. Make them yours


Well, technically they’re not a real animal so they didn’t belong to the earlier category byt these are adorable, are they not? Take your pick here

Phew, now that’s quite a list isn’t it? We hope these helped you to discover your new passion or fuel your current collection of cute socks! Happy sock shopping


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