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Room 8008 is known for their girly, cute and extremely dreamy decor and apparels. They’ve just recently renovated their Berjaya Times Square outlet and we dropped by for a visit to check it out. We loved it and i’s every girl’s princess dream room in a boutique!

Check out some sneak peeks of their newly renovated outlet and find out more about the story behind the brand in out interview:

Read the full interview here:

Int: Where did you get this room8008 name?

Kiki: Previously in university, we have a group of best friends and then we had a project and that time I still remember we wanted to design bra, lingerie. We discussed about it every night, every hour and one of the girls staying in hostel and we all meet there. We called the hostel room, Room 8008.

Int: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Kiki: From movie characters. Someone like Audrey Hepburn and Julia Roberts. They have their image and everything and carry out different type of personalities

Int:  Do you design and manufacture your own clothing?

Kiki: Starting on 2014, June we starting to manufacture and creating our own brand

Int: What is the theme of your shop?

Kiki: Pink, pink, pink, everything is in pink! It’s more like a girl’s room

Int: What do you always go for when it comes to choosing clothes to include in your collection?

Kiki: As for now, I still prefer Korean style. I do not deny that European style is very nice, from Hollywood, from Chanel and other big brands but for me I still prefer something simple, casual, chic that we can always wear it out but not boring. From the beginning, when I started this business until now, I’m always thinking “Why do we have to spend so much money to buy clothes”, sometimes clothes can be very expensive. I know the material is good but for me that time I was still a student, I want to buy a lot of dresses but I cannot spend. I had a limited allowance so I told myself if I want to start this business, I want everyone to have nice, pretty and good quality clothes with cheap price!

Int: Do you have certain rules when it comes to styling?

Kiki: “Is it nice or elegant?”, these are the first things that I will consider. Something like “Wow! This is the dress that I really want!”

Int: Do you have fashion icons that you look up to?

Kiki: I think it’s Audrey Hepburn, I really love her style and everything.

Int: Is there any garment from your collection that you are particularly fond to?

Kiki: I think lace, I really like that kind of material

Int: How do you describe your clothing aesthetic?

Kiki: It’s very dreamy, something that every girl dream of; something funky and cute! And also very princess-feel

Int: What it is like to be in this industry?

Kiki: We don’t have so much budget for magazine advertising and even online advertising. At first it was very hard because we didn’t know how to tackle this part

Int: Do you have expansion plans for your business?

Kiki: We plan to open a new branch, that’s why we need to make our first store very unique

Stay tuned for Room 8008’s second branch, real soon and they’re also offering something special for all A Shopaholic’s Den readers:

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Happy Shopping!

Room 8008’s store is located at:

Level 7, No 52 West Wing
Berjaya Times Square

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