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La Belle Skincare might be a little bit new for some of you, and I am glad to find out this brand from La Belle Paris Skin Care as I can say this is one of the life-changing skincare!


As I have pretty sensitive skin type, I have always been careful with the selection of skincare. I did try other brands and honestly the results were not satisfactory. What I like about La Belle Skincare is the use of natural ingredients in the products. I always prefer to have natural ingredients to put on my skin as I wasn’t sure if my skin could adapt to the chemical products well


La Belle Skincare are mainly extracted and formulated from best of natural ingredients with an advancement in stem cell research that has an effective absorption right into our inner skin cells. Here are some of my favourites:

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Ampoules! Ladies, do you know ampoules are essentially important for our skin? It works just like essence, but I will say it is far more effective than that. It uses only finest botanical extracts, vitamins, enzymes and combining with advance research and technology to achieve desired skin result. I have tested on 5 different types of ampoules which is the Fair Make Up Ampoules, Eye luxe Ampoules, Vitamin C Ampoules, Sooth Hydrating Ampoules, 24K Gold Leaf Essences.

My favourite of all is definitely the La Belle 24K Gold Leaf Essence. It uses 24L pure gold leaf which helps to slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin.  It speeds up cellular processes and active regeneration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The immediate result after I use this essence is that my skin glows! Skin is a little bit firmer as well.


I am sure everyone of us wants to look great all the time. This Sooth-Hydrating Ampoule combines a 2 in 1 formula with high intense moisture which helps to recover the original suppleness of skin. Best part is it assists to calm irritations, decline inflammations and to lessen longwinded redness. I like how it reduce the redness on the skin and skin feel really soothing.

Nowadays we always wear make up when going out as I think it is basic manners. However, cosmetics do make our skin look dull. I always have this problem with foundation. The foundation just doesn’t sit well on my skin! The powder looks very dry on my face and is very unpleasant. I consulted beautician and she told me this is because my skin is too dry. My savior is the La Belle Fair Make-Up Ampoule! It revitalize tired skin, clean dry and dead skin, and provides essential minerals needed by the skin. Everytime before I put on foundation, I will use this make-up ampoule as base on skin.


Foundation are seem to stay in place for longer time. In fact, using this ampoule as base, make-up does stay longer. I just love how my skin can finally get along with foundation well !

One more thing I think works great as make up base too is the Vitamin C ampoule. It contains Vitamin C which help to detoxify and tighten up your pores. And it helps to lighten pigmentation and dark spots!  If you are having dark circle problem, you may want to try the Eye Luxe ampoule. As skin around eyes are very delicate, it needs extra care. This ampoule not only provide essential hydration but also targets 7 most prevalent signs of eye zones problem.

La Belle Rose Toner

So far my favourite toner! I got to say I love it at the moment it sprays out.


La Belle Rose Toner is formulated from pure extracted rose. That explains the refreshing rose scent which I really in love. The texture is light and can absorb into skin quickly. It has a high degree of moisture and special design to mix use with Powder Mask to get double moisture. I will come to the powder mask later. This toner is alcohol-free with aloe vera and vitamin E. For sensitive skin, I will say this is a good choice. Remember toner with alcohol may give u an immediate cooling effect, but it can also cause your skin to be drier if you are having dry skin.

Aloe Vera Powder Mask


This Powder mask is so much fun! Mix the powder with toner or mineral water, then apply a thin layer on skin, it will then dry off, and you can peel it off after 15-30 minutes. I used the Aloe Vera Powder Mask, and I think it works just like any other mask which is moisturizing. Skin feel so pumped up with water after using haha.

La Belle Marine Scrub


Here comes to a skincare step that I always forget. Or just too lazy to do it. As we all know our dead skin cells are accumulating on the skin surface everyday, we need to get rid of it before we apply all the other skincare products. In other words, if the dead skin cells are there, whatever product you apply on face are basically useless because they are all blocked by the dead skin. La Belle Marine Scrub contains natural marine protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements found with Fucus Extract. Combined with collagen, this scrub cleanses and removes dead cells, leaving the complexion rejuvenated. The scrub particle inside is very tiny and is gentle to our skin. You just need to massage with fingertips then rinse it off. My skin feels extra soft afterwards.


After using, there might be a little bit of redness as you can see in the photo. But do not worry, it is perfectly fine. The redness will go off very fast especially after applying the Rose Toner.

How and When to Use?

If you freak out and thinking ohmaigawd so many products how should I use it? It is actually pretty simple. For day / night, use cleanser, then Rose Toner, then Ampoule, then you can continue it with moisturizer/ sun screen/ make up. Once in a week, use the Marine Scrub after cleanser. For treatment, follow the same steps as day/night, but apply mask after putting ampoule.

There are other selections of ampoules, powder masks and essences cater for different skin types. You can find out more about them at La Belle Paris Skincare

Readers’ Privilege

Here’s an exclusive deal for all A Shopaholic’s Den readers! Any readers who purchase La Belle products through La Belle Paris Skincare that amounts to above RM100, just quote ‘I am a Shopaholic’ and you will entitled to a 15% discount on the total purchase (excluding postage) plus a free gift!

Here’s your chance to try out ampoules and other great beauty products that La Belle has to offer for greater skin!


Hope you enjoy using La Belle Skincare as much as I do!

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