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A couple of weeks ago, I dropped by Himalaya‘s store in 1 Utama to speak to a representative to better understand their Everyday Care product range. After a quick evaluation of my skin type, I was introduced to 5 different products to take home and try:

I was given two different types of face wash, one for normal to oily skin and another is a face wash cream that prevents drying, as I get pretty dehydrated on days that I work till wee hours of the morning. Am using both facial washes alternately to balance things out and it’s keeping my skin from drying

I was also given a Neem scrub to try out, given that I’ve got a lot of blackheads and boy, are they stubborn to get rid of or what? Have tried pore packs, scrubs and the whole lot. On the left is the current facial scrub which I’m using, but don’t particularly fancy as I find it a tad bit too harsh

Here’s the comparison of the two different scrubs and the Neem scrub is much gentler on my skin. It sure is the preferred choice for me among the two options that I have now. Definitely would continue using this!

After all that work, every girl (even guys!) deserve some pampering time and a face pack does the trick. It’s a ritual I’m getting accustomed to during the weekend and it does wonders for that 15 minutes of sitting back, relaxing and just enjoying this in the midst of a chaotic schedule

Apart from the facial care range, they also cater body care. When it comes to body care, I am extra particular as I have very dry and sensitive skin which limits the choice I have. But as the Himalaya representative explained to me about Neem and it’s benefits, I decided to give it a go. Couple weeks since, have no allergic reactions to it and am happy to have found a body wash instead of the usual soap bars which are not travel-friendly!

You too can have your share of Himalaya Healthcare goodies by following them on their roadshow. Here’s a look at what happened during their roadshow in Sunway Pyramid last week:

These guys danced to “Oppa Gangnam Style” and won themselves Himalaya Healthcare products! You can too *winks*


Watch out for this truck and speak to the representatives about the available products that are suitable for your skin


Play games, take photos and enjoy the fun while you’re there! Not to forget, Himalaya Healthcare caters to a wide range of audience be it young or old for facial, body, everyday care and even an organic products range. Find out more  from their Facebook page and check out the location of their next roadshow:

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