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Hari Raya is just round the corner and we’ve been spoilt with choice since April! The reason for sharing this post later than sooner is because the closer you get to the actual day, the cheaper the clothes get albeit some designs may or may not have run out of stock by now. But hey, great things always come to those who wait and we’re still seeing new designs uploaded every single day

Here’s what we’ve fell in love with so far:


From left: Maya, Aria and Alice

We’ve always fancied kebaya over all other designs simply because it’s more flattering (to make up for the lack of my height) and also the lace makes it all the more elegant doesn’t it? We sure do think so and love these for their colour too, definitely not your usual baju raya palette

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And each year, more and more new designers come on board and one of the highlight of this year’s newbies include Creación by Siti Nurhaliza! OMG, we love. All the designs are pretty, feminine and simple. Just the way we like our apparels


From left: Bruna Modern Kurung and Floral Applique Maxi Dress

From floral prints (very Zara!) to appliques, if you love flowers, here are two options you would love whether it’s in prints or subtle. There’s of course more from where these came from so be sure to hunt around for more


From left: Baju Kurung, Vianne Kurung and Emerald Kurung

As you can see, this season we’re loving mint all over again. These designs look really sweet in mint and that’s the look we’re channeling this year for Raya. We also noticed that the kimono wrap style is big this year, so you’d definitely want to check out similar styles to have your outfit on point


From left: Kebaya Top, Colourblock Peplum and Lace Peplum

Now of course, we gotta do some mix and match on our end, which is where these versatile tops come in. They’re a great fit for the upcoming Raya by adding an extra touch and also, great for the rest of the year without having to wear a full set. I can imagine so many different pairing options with just these three and my wardrobe

Loving what you see so far? Don’t forget to place your orders in time so that your baju raya can reach you in time before the celebrations. Check out more of our favourites on Pinterest!

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  1. Aishah.Nurhana

    June 12, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Cantik sangat yang Vercato! My favorite for this season 🙂

  2. aida

    June 21, 2017 at 12:23 am

    These are truly gorgeous designs!

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