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Tropical Maxi Dress - RM59SPOTTED: Garage Shop

Go all out with prints because it’s fun! Especially on a maxi dress like this one here, go minimal with the accessories and voila! And outfit is styled *winks* Take advantage of this amazing bargain while stocks last!


Here’s another with prints and looking fab on a mini dress like so, no? *grins* I definitely would consider this especially after wearing way too many plain coloured pieces. Oops! Tee-hee. What say you babes? Yay or nay?

Donella Diag Maxi Dress - RM89SPOTTED: Pretty Chase

Or do you prefer bright bold colours? This and more are the latest arrivals of their Raya collection and are a big hit! Only about a month away now till the festivities, have you started your Raya shopping yet? *winks*

Sleeveless Single Pleat Tulip Dress - RM55SPOTTED: Whitesoot

While it’s not the mint green everyone is after, this shade ain’t too bad either. A bright yet lovely sweet that will surely brighten your day, no? Also available in nude but this is definitely my choice of colour

Peplum Lycra Dress - RM49SPOTTED: A Spoon Full of Clothes

Peplum is something we’re familiar with but in lycra? Now that’s a rare one. What more when it’s two-toned as well too. How about giving it a try if you’re one for a more subtle hint of peplum eh?

Pringles Crop Tee - RM30SPOTTED: Chikiwiki+

How fond are you of wearing brands on tees? I for one sure don’t mind especially if it’s one of my favourite brands like Pringles! A girl’s gotta love her potato chips *winks* And I am still looking for that Starbucks tee. Hmm..

Skinny Pants - RM35SPOTTED: Reverie Store

Nude skinnies and with marked down prices? How awesome is that? It’s a gorgeous piece and will definitely be a versatile one to style as well too, no? I sure do think so! Make it yours before they’re all gone babes. Woot!

Pastel Skirt - RM55SPOTTED: Clothes For Chics

And here’s a gorgeous mini in the shade everyone’s been raving about: mint green. Gorgeous ain’t it? And it’s not the only colour available too so why don’t you hop on over and have a look for yourself? But of course, the mint is a must have!

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