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V-Neck Waist-Tie Top ( Birdie - Size S ) - RM46SPOTTED: October Origin

One of the more popular prints around on tops and dresses are colourful birds and to think we just had plain coloured swallows the last time this was seen. A lot sure has changed since then alright. And of course, they didn’t stop there. Plenty more designs and colour options from where this came from!

Birdy - RM42SPOTTED: Rockstar’s Closet

And so we were just talking about the birds as prints. This time round on a slightly brighter background and what do you know, it works great! Especially for those who have always shy away from yellow, this is the perfect opportunity to try this shade out

ZARA-inspired Exclusive Petal Lace Peplum Top - RM53SPOTTED: Whitesoot

But of course, nothing is stopping you from mixing lace and peplum altogether to see how that turns out. My opinion? It’s looking absolutely fantastic on this one. Even more so because it’s in black, a timeless piece for us!

Kitschy Heart Sketches Peterpan Dress - RM47SPOTTED: Phat Culture

While we’re on trying out different combinations, why not mix it with the adorable Peter Pan collar? Tee-hee. Sure makes a cute outfit there and kudos to trying it out in red too. Nothing too OTT about this one, I think it’s just nice!

Candy Hearts - RM39SPOTTED: Peep

It’s just like wearing candy hearts all over this dress, I love it already! Simple, fun and totally my cup of tea. I can have multiple of this styles as long as it comes in different colour combo and prints!

Berny Sleeveless Top - RM45SPOTTED: Bon Voyage

Even more prints options are available for you and I think we can never have too many. Each design is cute in their very own way and also, you’d want to have them all. The options are endless, which means more shopping for us! *winks*

Wuxi - RM50SPOTTED: Clothes For Fun

And of course, when a top like this with prints is sheer, it allows for layering and we love it! Woot! Ideal for the climate we live in is just one of the many options why we’d want to own a piece of this

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