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Wild crazy out-of-this-world prints or plain bold colours? What’s your cup of tea when it comes to your outfits? Here are my top picks from the best of both worlds:

SPOTTED: Tanks for 5

While the vertical black and white stripes for leggings and skinnies seem to be a favourite among many this season, there are other ways to enjoy this classic black and white combo. Try geometric prints for a change and even though I’m more of a Plain Jane kinda girl, this one here has claimed its rightful position on my wishlist

SPOTTED: A Spoonful of Clothes

Peplum tops are great for all types of body figures and one in tweed definitely transforms this piece into a more classic looking one great for all seasons and occasions. How would you style this piece? *winks*

SPOTTED: Whitesoot

Mint is great but when you add on some lace like this piece here, all the more demure this can be! And plus, one can never have too many mint pieces in the wardrobe, it’s almost like another black, the more the better! Woot!

SPOTTED: Cat in the Bowl

We’ve got another awesome black and white combo here and this time on a bustier crop top – how can you not like it? It’s nautical, it’s classic, it’s fun and it’s ideal for the Malaysian tropical climate. So many reasons to own a piece for yourself, so grab a piece before it’s too late!

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Simple does the trick with this toga dress here and bringing back the cobalt blue is so much fun! I totally miss wearing this colour because it’s tons of fun but without going on too loud, which is great for people like me. Plus, simple accessories totally completes the look for this piece

SPOTTED: Pretty Chase

Fancy seeing a design like this one here in this shade! Now that is something you don’t see everyday *grins* Reminds me of a baju kurung but much trendier and suitable for everyone too. Not only so, plenty of opportunities for accessorizing are just waiting for you!

SPOTTED: Oozora Tang

Now this one here is a real beauty, just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the designs just keep surprising you. I would definitely want a piece like this one here for that special date night or an event. Better own it before it’s too late! You never know when you’ll need a piece just like this one here

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