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RM59SPOTTED: Amour et Classic

Gorgeous colour and also inspired by the much-loved Celine, this is definitely a bag to consider, no? Plus, it’s a change from the usual black or white bags too. It doesn’t stop there because I spotted one in gorgeous lilac too!

G-Bag - RM69SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

And now, another sweet colour for a bag that is great as a tote or a sling – definitely comes in handy for me when the bag tends to get too heavy sometimes. Of course, there are also other amazing colours to choose from so be sure to be get first dips before they all belong to someone else alright? *winks*

Gina Crafty - RM89.90SPOTTED: Club Mod

Or would you prefer something more classic? This one would be ideal for the working week but yet, something more urban and city chic than the typical black bags eh? Gadgets, documents and the whole lot – in you go!

Colour Block Banded Belt - RM16SPOTTED: Nude Not

When you’re going plain with the colours for your outfit, top it off with a colour-block belt to spice things up, why don’t you? Whether it’s a dress, shorts or pants, I think this one here will bring brighten up your day!

Flower, Lace, Love Necklace - RM19SPOTTED: Zikkos

Go beyond the bib necklaces, add more to it, go for the femininity and voila! This one here has it all. Sweet, delicate and make it yours while stocks are available and the price is right why don’t you? *grins* Hop on over and check out the rest of the collections while you’re there!

Reflections Necklace (Part 1) - RM28SPOTTED: Crafted by Mei

Love this creation, sweet and a very suitable gift for a friend too and this one here is only Part 1. Wonder how Part II would be like eh? Find out for yourself or hey, why not customize your very own design? I’ve done it before and the results are amazing!


Mad crazy for heels? This one here is just one of the many from their latest collection and you know what? They have a special treat for you readers as well too. Take the opportunity to score free postage and an additional 10% discount, while the offer lasts

Mod Earrings - RM19SPOTTED: Delirious

Go mod? Oh yes, this pair definitely suits the look and it’s an amazing colour to wear as well too. Wonder if they would have more of these because I know I would want ’em.

Tattoo Tights - RM19SPOTTED: My Dress Hanger

Have you got yourself a pair? The tattoo tights are hitting it big as of late and there just seems to be a pair in every design, eh? I definitely like this one here out of the lot. There are more from where this came from so grab as many as you can before it’s all sold out alright? *winks*

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