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Long asymmetrical dress - RM34SPOTTED: Kerra Boutique

Another high low dress and with pleats, that’s something that’s hard to give a miss when the price is so tempting! Many other colour options are available, so be sure to hop on over to check ’em out before they’re all gone babes!

Leopard Print Collar Playsuit - RM65SPOTTED: Covetz

WHile a red playsuit is amazing, how about one with leopard prints on the collar? Oh yes, that definitely heats things up and gives you more reason to own a piece. This is just one of their many playsuit designs they have to offer. Want more? Head on over right now!

Sleeveless Top With Shimmering Collar - RM38SPOTTED: PeeKaBoo

Here’s yet another piece with an amazing collar to boot, this time paired against classic black. It’s like having a great bib necklace, only this time it’s part of the top *winks* A great piece to style with, don’t you think?

Alexander Wang Rocco Inspired Mini Duffel - RM60SPOTTED: Project Love

An Alexander Wang inspired mini duffel, yay or nay? I’d definitely go for a yes on this one here with the design, colour and style. Better make it yours before they all belong to someone else. You’ve been warned!

Snap - RM72SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

A doctor’s bag eh? In orange? For summer? This just came in at the very right time! Plus, we’ve had a taste of the other awesome styles, why not a new addition of a doctor’s bag? Grab it before it’s too late. Wouldn’t know when we’d see another!

High waisted ponti skirt - RM50SPOTTED: My Vintage Garden

While most high waisted skirts and pencil skirts, this one here is a different kinda style, a ponti skirt for a change! It’s a great piece, almost as good as a skater skirt, now you can style it with the top of your choice

The Cult - RM39SPOTTED: Soak Republic

Now these here would be an amazing accessory to add on to an outfit, no? A simple plain coloured dress with this would be amazing. Better stock up, while stocks last!

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