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Red and yellow may be the “prosperous” colours to be worn for the upcoming festive season, but deep down inside, we always have room for something pink! *winks*

Dash - RM75SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

Not sure about you, but I sure did miss her weekly updates! How timely is it that she brings in a gorgeous range of brightly coloured bags, perfect for collecting red packets for the coming lunar new year. I’m eyeing the one in pink of course, what about you?

Cute flats - RM35SPOTTED: Fashionista Blush

While I tend to sway towards hot pink sneakers, I welcome comfortable and adorable flats any time too! This pair here is soft pink sure does it for me. Would be a great change to my work outfits instead of always dressing from head-to-toe in black for sure!

 SPOTTED: Deck It Up

If you’re not big on loud colours for your outfits, all you need is a little pop of colours on your accessories just like this one here. Nothing OTT about it but it sure does make a statement in just the right amount. Go ahead, try it out!

Pleated Top with Cross Back Details - RM30SPOTTED: Tanks for 5

Looking sweet from the front with the pleats but be ready for a sexy back with this one here. Throw on a blazer for work during the day and be ready to party when evening comes. Such a versatile piece at such an affordable price, surely you wouldn’t want to let this pass?

Sophie - RM42SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Speaking of sweet pieces, here’s yet another one for you with adorable flowers dotted around the high collared neckline in a sweet shade of pink – just the right amount of femininity for you. I think we have no problem styling this piece for any occasion alright *winks*


Just when you thought lace was the definite answer when it comes to all things girly girl, how about some embroidery for a change? With just the right amount and paired with a the right colours, the result is amazing – just like this piece here. Have a go at it babes!

 SPOTTED: Jetedeesire

Step it up a notch, add a layer of tulle and some polka dots on ’em and voila! Pink has turned from sweet to subtly sexy, just like that. This party dress here is sure to last you a long time, ideal for any kind of occasion too. Style it well and make sure you have the right accessories to complete the look!

 SPOTTED: Rawdah Fashion

It’s not a new colour combo when it comes to black and pink, but it sure is a first for me adding on scallop hems to the sleeves and neckline there. Uber adorable, I must say. While it may be just the right length for petites as a mini dress, it works great as a top for the rest of us, don’t you think? Tee-hee

Peplum Tops - RM45SPOTTED: Petitestaz

Want something simple to style it to your heart’s content? Here’s it is babes, with a slightly darker shade of pink. Wear it plain, keep it simple if you’re a minimalist or go crazy and make a wild outfit out of it. There’s no limit to what you can do when it comes to style!


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