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We collaborated with Ollie Jewellery for a giveaway not too long ago and also had a chance to sample their products for ourselves, particularly their earrings, which are simple, affordable and suitable for all occasions, just like this one here:


All of Ollie Jewellery sterling silver jewellery are inspired from fine jewellery designs. They are selected for their contemporary and elegant styles


And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to be shopping for new jewellery! Add them to your wishlist and share it with your special someone so you’ll definitely be receiving something you love!

If you’re concerned because you have sensitive skin (like me!), Ollie Jewellery assures you that all of their products are made of genuine .925 sterling silver jewellery and they are not only rhodium-plated (to enhance the shine and durability), but also nickel free

Valentine’s day Gift Ideas

Here are some of our favourite designs for Valentine’s Day gifts:


Earrings that are elegant for formal and special occasions – we need more of these, because you never know when that special day may be!


A key to the heart – a very symbolic meaning, especially if your relationship it taking the next big step forward


Sometimes, the simplest ones are the best – as long as you’re wearing it, you’re holding your special someone dear to your heart



This one is quite a special design, the pendant can be worn in 3 different ways and with the word ‘Forever’ marked on the outside, because that’s how long your relationship is going to last


And we saved the best for last – a classic heart shape ring on a simple band is all you need

But hey, if you don’t have that special someone just yet, there’s no reason why you can’t make these yours as a gift to yourself! Check out all the above designs and more at Ollie Jewellery

P.S. They are also offering very attractive prices for their selections in conjunction with the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations. What better time to shop than now?

But wait, there’s more!



They’ve also released a new collection entitled ‘Halo’. All designs are beautifully thought out and with such fine detail, there’s no need for a special occasion to shop for one of these. See the entire collection here


Ollie Jewellery is also being very generous to all of you first time shoppers, especially when you are looking to purchase that perfect gift for your special someone. Subscribe to their mailing list and enjoy a RM20 rebate off your purchase!

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