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Earlier this year, I shared about Ollie Jewellery, a local brand that offers silver jewelry at an affordable price. Recently, Ollie expanded their collections to also include beautifully handcrafted designs and we got to sample a few of the designs for ourselves


The best part of receiving something in the mail is always the handwritten note, especially for someone like us who spend about 90% of our waking time in front of a digital device. Nothing says it quite like it, no matter what fancy fonts or typography you apply


Because classy girls wear pearls, we selected a simple design that can be easily styled across occasions without taking center stage from our entire outfit


And the other design we loved is this beautiful beach-themed piece because if we could, we would spend all our days by the beach side, in the waters and collecting beautiful seashells while we get sun kissed skin

Now, how would we style these piece into our daily outfits? Here are some ideas:


We imagine a girl that wears pearls is not only classy, but strong, confident and independent. We’d like to hold these qualities close to our hearts and the bracelet servers as a simple reminder of the woman we want to be


On the flipside, we love to have fun, exploring the world and the three S: Sun, sea and sand. We aim to travel to as many beaches as possible in our lifetime and soak up on nature’s beauty. This beach-themed bracelet would be a fun accessory to add on to our journeys.

Now, there are so much more from where that came from and you can check them all out here. But because you’re all a fantastic bunch of readers, there’s also a giveaway contest going on just for you on our Facebook page. Find out how you can win yourself a beautiful creation from Ollie Jewelry. Here’s a sneak peek of week one’s giveaway:

ASD Week1All the best and don’t forget to add on accessories to your daily outfit!

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