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ASOS Inspired High Low Skirt - RM39SPOTTED: Trendy Bellaz

Seems like there is at least one new high low skirt design every single day! How many have you owned so far? Be it with prints, pleats or just plain, you definitely got to have one if not all *grins*

The Shelby Scallop Trimming Skater Dress - RM52SPOTTED: Bluey Joyce

Another evolution of the scallop hem, this time returning with something more dainty as a trimming along our favourite skater dress. How about that? I for one will definitely like a piece of this alright. Get it before they all belong to someone else!

Doc v2 - RM70SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

While everyone is gushing about the latest trendy bag designs, this one here is something that never goes out of style. A doctor’s bag is a classic piece, structured and definitely ample space for all your necessities!

Two toned chiffon top - RM36SPOTTED: Spade Tension

Tropical climate calls for something loose, colourful and also fun! A dual toned chiffon top is definitely something to consider to pair with some shorts, no? Choose from their different colour combo while they are still available babes!

Horse Prints Top - RM38SPOTTED: Seventh Day

Remember the swallow prints on tops that were a major hot seller? Looks like it’s time for some horses this time round and doesn’t that look fine tied-up round the midriff like so? I think all you need is a cowgirl hat to complete the look *winks*


Colourful pieces are a must nowadays and if you’re an urban city girl, this one is just right for you! Skinnies or leggings with this piece, why not? Plenty more from where this came from so hop on over to check ’em out!


Bib necklaces like these are an amazing addition to make an outfit great! And one design alone isn’t enough, after all we have so many different outfits to style, so get your hands on the pieces you want before it’s too late because everyone wants a piece of this goodness!

Little White Crane - RM42SPOTTED: Little White Crane

Colourful and a great motif on a cosy piece like this sure is a must-have aside from the bodycon dresses we’ve been accumulating, no? Plus, it isn’t everyday that we come across a great design so you better own it because you never know when you need it!

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