My Mary Chia Face Spa Experience

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A couple of days before the long Raya weekend break, I stopped by Mary Chia for a facial treatment. It was just the prefect time for me to cleanse, treat, relax after a very long week and recover before I balik kampung and also because I haven’t been to a facial in a years, literally

The last time I went was when I was in high school and ever since, I’ve either been too busy or too broke or never had the time to sought out the right place for me as I’m picky about hygiene and I’ve sensitive skin. I shared all these info with the consultant as I filled in a simple questionnaire about myself as I arrived and they took all these into consideration to suggest the right treatment for me

I was then introduced to my therapist, Joey who was ever so kind to explain every step of the treatment to me, like a commentator while the treatment took place since I’ve been out of touch for too long a time and it consisted of:

  • Full face, neck and shoulder double cleanse
  • Skin renewal treatment (exfoliation)
  • Pores softening and refreshing treatment
  • Neck and shoulder massage (blissful!)
  • Double ampoules treatment
  • Deep essence penetration by high-tech equipment
  • Repairing and rejuvenating double masks treatment (one for anti-bacterial and the other for moisturizing, where I enjoyed a short nap)

The treatment took approximately an hour or so, probably longer for me as the blackhead extraction process took longer than expected, whoops! Joey also kindly trimmed my eyebrows back into shape, just in time for the festive season


Upon completion, I realized that Joey was also awarded the best therapist for the outlet (Tropicana City Mall) and I was super privileged to have her as my therapist


If you’re looking for somewhere to try out your facial treatment, check out Mary Chia and look for Joey if you’re headed to Tropicana City Mall. Mary Chia also specializes in body slimming treatments and rejuvenating spas. Find out more about Mary Chia and their beauty treatments via Facebook¬†and their website


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